End of year message from Dr. Christopher Barrie

End of year message from Dr. Christopher Barrie

Please see an end of year message from Dr. Christopher Barrie as well as school supply lists for 2024-2025:


A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support of our Little Britain community. Your dedication and collaboration have created a nurturing environment where our children thrive. 

Reflecting on the year, we had a lot of moments we've shared. From welcoming the HV Renegades and hosting engaging author assemblies to experiencing mad science, celebrating International Night, enjoying musical performances, and exploring STEM fairs, this year has been truly remarkable. The joy and learning from field trips added even more richness to their educational journey. These successes are thanks to the tireless efforts of our PTO, and we are immensely grateful for their support.

Please be on the lookout for the report cards that we just mailed out. 

This summer, you can play a pivotal role in nurturing your child's passion for reading. Encourage them to explore books, comic books, and magazines that align with their interests. We have also created MYON libraries for each student to use over the summer.

Here are some tips to support your child's reading journey this summer:
- Establish a Reading Routine: Dedicate specific times each day for reading.
- Engage in Conversations: Discuss stories, make predictions, summarize content, explore new vocabulary, and ask engaging questions.
- Read Aloud: Share the joy of reading by reading stories to your child.
- Create a Comfortable Reading Space: Allow your child to choose where they feel most comfortable reading.
- Celebrate Reading: Acknowledge and celebrate their reading milestones.

To infuse learning into everyday routines this summer, explore nature, cook together to practice math skills, and play educational games. Visit museums or libraries to spark curiosity and discuss new discoveries. Engage your child in projects that match their interests, like gardening or journaling, transforming daily activities into enriching learning experiences.

We hope our Little Britain kids will continue their educational journey seamlessly over the summer. We eagerly anticipate welcoming them back in September and celebrating their ongoing success. Until then, the entire LB staff wishes you a joyful and enriching summer break.

Here are supply lists for the upcoming school year. 

Warm regards,


First Grade

First page of the PDF file: FirstGradeSupplyList2024-2025_2


Second Grade

First page of the PDF file: LBSECONDGRADESUPPLYLIST2023-2024_2


Third Grade

First page of the PDF file: 3rdGradeLBsupplylist24-25_3


Fourth Grade

First page of the PDF file: _4thGradeLBSupplyList2024-2025_2


Fifth Grade

First page of the PDF file: Grade5LBSupplyList2024-2025_2


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